Munin development tests


The tests we use check for different things.

  • Is function x in module y working as expected?
  • Can we establish an encrypted network connection between two components?
  • Do we follow the perl style guidelines?
  • Does this component scale well?

The code tests are broadly separated by scope.

Inspired by


In this category, we place tests for simple classes and functions, preferably with fast execution and without using external resources.


Enabled with the TEST_MEDIUM variable set.

In this category, we test interaction between components. These may use the file system, fork processes, or access test data sets.


Enabled with the TEST_LARGE variable set.

In this category, we may test the entire system.

A munin master, node, and plugins all running together would be placed in this category.

Performance and bottleneck testing would also be at home in this category.