The munin async clients reads from a spool directory written by munin-asyncd.

It can optionally request a cleanup of this directory.


--spooldir | -s <spooldir>

Directory for spooled data [/var/lib/munin/spool]

--hostname <hostname>

Overrides the hostname [The local hostname]

This is used to override the hostname used in the greeting banner. This is used when using munin-async from the munin master, and the data fetched is from another node.


Clean up the spooldir after interactive session completes


Clean up the spooldir and exit (non-interactive)


Enables the “spool” capability [no]


Enables the “vectorized” fetching capability [no]

Note that without this flag, the “fetch” command is disabled.

--verbose | -v

Be verbose

--help | -h

View this message


munin-async --spoolfetch

This starts an interactive munin node session, enabling the “spoolfetch” command. This does not connect to the local munin node. Everything happens within munin-async, which reads from the spool directory instead of connecting to the node.


See also Asynchronous proxy node for more information and examples of how to configure munin-async.