munin-html is one of the munin master components run from the munin-cron script.

This script is responsible for generating static HTML pages.

If “html_strategy cgi” is set in munin.conf, munin-html will assume HTML pages are generated by munin-cgi-html, and exit silently.


munin-html has one significant option, which configuration file to use.

Several other options are recognized and ignored as “compatibility options”, since munin-cron passes all options through to the underlying components, of which munin-html is one.

--config <file>

Use <file> as configuration file. [/etc/munin/munin.conf]


View this message.


View debug messages.


View version information.


Compatibility. No effect.

--service <service>

Compatibility. No effect.

--host <host>

Compatibility. No effect.