A Brief History of Munin

Born as LRRD
Renamed as Munin
Hacked zooming for 1.2
1.4 came out
EOL of Munin Exchange website, content moved to GitHub branch contrib
Released 2.0, for its 10 years !
Released 2.1
July 2014
target for 2.2


Munin Exchange

Was a web platform in the beginning setup and hosted by Linpro (Bjorn Ruberg?). Later (when?) a Munin supporter re-invented the Munin Exchange website to improve its usablity. When he left the project (when?) it was not possible to maintain the website any longer, because it was coded in Python with Django and Steve Schnepp said “we clearly lack skills on that”. So it was decided to move all the plugins over to github branch “contrib”.

Github is now the official way of contributing 3rd-party plugins.

These are tagged with family contrib (see: --families in munin-node-configure).

Only if they meet the requirements for vetted plugins they can be included in the core plugins collection (distributed as official Munin release by the Munin developer team). They get tagged with family auto then as all core collection plugins should have the command autoconf implemented.

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